Monday, November 7, 2011

The Gratitude Project 2011 - Days 4, 5, 6, and 7

Yeah, yeah, I know I'm behind here. But I have a VERY good reason for missing a few days posts on The Gratitude Project. Brient and I have been out of town since Friday doing kids ministry at a church during their revival. It was AWESOME!! So now I have a moment to think, and I can sit down and play catch up on the things for which I am thankful.

Day 4: Friday morning, Brient, the kids, and I pulled out of our driveway heading to a town about two hours away. They called us a few weeks ago asking if we would come do children's ministry at their church during their revival for this weekend, and we were THRILLED to be going! In a day or so, after I have rested a bit, I will give you a good idea about all the ministry that went on there this weekend! But for Friday's Gratitude Project, I was thankful for several things. I was thankful that we made it safely to our destination. We pulled my in-law's camper to stay in, and I was very grateful they let us borrow it. The church where we were ministering was very gracious and took us out for supper Friday night, and I was thankful! I was really thankful for all the kids that came to our program! And most importantly, Friday night I was SO THANKFUL for the FIVE kids who gave their lives to Jesus! YAY GOD!

Day 5: On Saturday, I woke up thankful for a great nights sleep in the RV park. The five of us went shopping around town a bit, and I was thankful for some time with my girls at Build-A-Bear Workshop. After shopping, we went to a hands-on children's science museum. My friend met us there, because she said she had season passes and could get us in FREE!! I was VERY thankful for her going out of her way to do that for us! And I was thankful she brought her son back up there to play with us, because Little Man just LOVES to play with him! I was thankful that, while thinking on my lesson for the night, I was open to the Spirit leading me to change my game plan at the last minute. Instead of my original lesson, I listened to God and changed to a lesson on how to be born again on the inside. And I was thankful for each kid that came Saturday night to hear that message God had for them. My friend, Ray, and his daughter, Emilee, came over for the revival that evening. I was ESPECIALLY thankful that Emilee asked if she could hang out with us and help us out!! I seriously had been praying about how we were going to pray with that many kids, when it was just myself and Brient. God sent her at the perfect time, and it was such a blessing seeing her pray with the kids that needed prayer.

Day 6: On Sunday morning at around eight o'clock, my sweet Baby Girl turned THREE! WOW! Where did the time go? I was a little disappointed that she wasn't there with us so we could celebrate her special day. But I was thinking how thankful I was that her Mamaw and Papaw had kept her for the weekend, and I knew she was going to have a blast with them! I am so thankful that God gave me that sweet girl, even though she does wear me out more than the other three combined! I was thankful that morning, also, that we had the chance to take the kids from that church up on stage during the service to sing a song, so the church could see a little of what we had been doing all weekend. It's always good to be seen by the congregation, so people don't forget about you back there or think you are just babysitting their kids. I was thankful that we had some new kiddos in children's church that morning, and thankful that we had such a great time of learning. It was awesome to see so many kids come down front to just pray about some things. LOVE seeing kids talk to God! I was thankful that the church took us out to eat lunch after church, because I was so tired after the long weekend that I really didn't want to cook in the camper. We spent the afternoon at some friends' house, and I was thankful for a chance to run away with my friend for a while to go do some shopping. We took Britches, too, because she loves shopping! And last night, I was thankful for a great time with the kids, some great hugs to end the weekend and say good-bye, supper before we left, and a safe trip home back to my own bed!

This weekend was FILLED with things for which to be thankful. This weekend in itself was an answer to some prayers that I have been offering up for quite awhile now, and that was something for which to be thankful! In a day or so, I'll sit down and actually tell you all the goings-on from this weekend. But for right now, for this 7th day, I am thankful to have my baby back home with us, and to be able to spend this day resting up from the amazing weekend of ministry! And you know what?? I can't wait to do it all again!!

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