Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Gratitude Project 2011 - Day 17

One of my favorite times of each day is meal time. I LOVE sitting down to a meal as a family. But alas, meal times at my house are rarely what I envision. Generally, there is chaos at my table, with at least one spill to clean up, some little one needing second helpings, the baby needing to go potty while I'm in the middle of a bite, or food that I left cooking on the stove that ends up burnt. ACK!

But tonight, ah yes tonight, dinner at my house was exactly as I had hoped. We all sat around the table eating our meal, everyone was smiling and laughing and talking, the baby was GOOD for a change, and we all just had a great time of enjoying being together. Tonight, I am thankful for having all of my family around my table, for the food God has given us to eat, and for the great time of fellowship we all had together.

Tomorrow may bring chaos once again to my dinner table, but for tonight - ah yes tonight...

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