Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gluten Free Living - Day 5

Well today was just lousy! Today is the day I decided I really don't like this whole gluten free living thing.

This morning, I made some very delicious homemade bread, which smelled up my entire house and was calling to me, and I couldn't take a single bite. All of it will be for my family. I am more than happy to make it for them, but I would at least like to be able to have a slice of it, thank you very much! I tried to make my own gluten free sourdough bread, but that was a total disaster. Dismal failure! Hopefully it can be redeemed when I try to make some gluten free "cornbread" dressing with it in a few weeks. (Believe me when I say, though, I will have a pan of REGULAR cornbread dressing just in case the gluten free batch is terrible!)

And then when it was time for lunch, and I made the girls some very delicious PB&J on regular bread, I had the thought to make one for me. Then I remembered, I CAN'T!

I was doing OK with all of that, until it came time for supper. I was reheating the last of those yummy delicious veggie enchiladas I made a few days ago, because, since we are leaving in the morning and will be gone all weekend, I was trying to finish off what was left in the fridge. They were looking all nice, hot, and bubbly reheating in the oven. And then, when I pulled them out and was just about ready to serve them onto my plate, I realized they are made with FLOUR TORTILLAS, which means they have gluten in them. UGH!

And I was just plain not happy when I baked the last of the homemade sugar cookie dough that I had been keeping in the freezer for the kids. As I smelled their delicious yumminess from my oven, I thought back to all that flour that I had added to the recipe.

So I have spent most of my day today thinking about all the foods I CAN'T have because EVERYTHING seems to be made with flour! But my sweet friend, Marci, told me she was going out of town and would be heading by a Whole Foods Market near where she would be staying, and she told me she would pick me up anything I might would like. Well, since we don't have a Whole Foods near where I live (sad, yes, I know), I really have no idea what they offer. So I told her to just surprise me and pick me up a loaf of gluten free bread and a box of gluten free crackers. I have no idea what she's going to come back with, but I am anxious to try it.

I can seriously tell a difference in the way my stomach feels. No more pain or heaviness or anything like that this week since I have eaten gluten free. So I really believe I may have found the root cause of my stomach issues. That's a GREAT thing! But it's a LOUSY thing that one of my FAVORITE THINGS in the whole world to eat is the cause of my problems. But at least now I know I have a choice. I can stay away from what ails me, or I can eat it and pay the consequences. But I have a choice. At least now I know.

And for tonight, well, let's just say I am VERY glad that they make gluten free chocolate/chocolate chip rice cakes! I have made a severe dent in them tonight. And at this moment, I am attempting to reclaim the last bit of today by slowly savoring a Hershey's chocolate bar. Yep, that's gluten free, too! So I guess the whole day isn't a total loss.

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