Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Gratitude Project 2011 - Day 19

Today has been a long day. I got to bed late last night, we have been going all day, and I am really tired tonight. I had planned a lovely family day for all of us today, but it didn't turn out exactly as I had it play out in my mind. I was a little let down about that fact. So tonight is one of those nights I'm having to really look at my day and think about what I am thankful for. So let me think...

I am grateful that God provided a day when my husband was off work and we were able to be together with all four of our kiddos. That isn't something that happens all the time. So when we are able to all be together, I treasure those days.

God created the most beautiful fall day for us to be out enjoying. The weather was not too cold nor too hot, and the breeze was blowing just right.

I am thankful that God gave us a safe trip to and from town, and kept us safe as we drove around town. It gets crazy out on the roads around the holidays, and I am always thankful when I make it where I'm heading and back home again in one piece.

Brient and I spent a little while today looking at some Airstream RV's online today, and just enjoyed dreaming together. Our plan is to sell his tractor and then buy one of those silver beauties! I was thankful for some time to just sit back and have some fun looking together.

Oh yes, and we went to buy a gallon of paint to spruce up our living room. I was thankful that all six of us had fun picking a color, and that we all AGREED! THAT was amazing! And I am thankful that my honey has decided he wants to take up my idea of painting the living room, because I will be able to get my new splash of color without having to do all the work by myself!! YAY!

And tonight, I will be very thankful when four kiddos make their way to bed. I am very thankful tonight that, when I get ready to call it a night, I will have a warm bed with a good pillow on which to lay my head. And I am thankful for a warm house in which to live.

Even though the day didn't quite go as I had planned, when I really think about it, there are still so many things I have for which to be thankful. Sometimes I have to really look, but the blessings of God are always there. And in truth, they are too numerous to even count.

What are you thankful for today??

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