Monday, November 1, 2010

The Gratitude Project - Day 1

Today is November 1, and the first day of The Gratitude Project. Starting today and continuing until November 25, I will daily post on my blog something for which I am grateful.

The only way to start out 25 days of thankfulness is to begin with what is the most important to me. Before anything else, I am thankful to my Almighty God, the One who created the heavens and the earth and all that is in them, and the One who chose to create me.

"God, thank you for loving me. Thank you for loving me when I am unloveable. Thank you for showing me how to love, because You are love. You created me out of nothing, and you continue to make me into what you would have me to be. You have placed a calling on my life, Your calling, and you are walking with me each step of the way as I carry out that calling. You go before me and come behind me, and you place your hand of blessing over me. Thank you for that promise.

Thank you for all that you have blessed me with, even though I am so completely undeserving of any of it! Thank you for your grace and mercy toward me, which is greater than I can ever comprehend. Some days, I just cannot understand why you put up with me. But each time I fail or go my own way, you are always there to gently bring me back.

Thank you for the seasons, and the beautiful earth and weather you have created. Thank you for making me healthy, so I can go enjoy the great outdoors as I plant my garden each year. Thank you for the fun things in life that you provide.

And thank you for your great provision. Thank you for blessing me with a wonderful husband and 4 amazing children. And thank you for always providing for our every need. Thank you that you see our needs before we even realize they are needs, and you are already working on them. I never need to worry, because I know you are never caught unaware, and you already have everything worked out. You are a good daddy who gives good gifts to His children. Thank you."

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  1. A beautiful post from a beautiful person! I joined you and wrote a post today. Thanks for the challenge!



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