Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Gratitude Project - Day 17

Today, I am thankful for several things! The first, and THE MOST IMPORTANT thing I am thankful for are two really sweet ladies. Today at co-op, my friend, Kayla, brought me a HUGE sack full of boy clothes for my Little Man. And my other friend, Tara, brought me 3 sacks full of girl clothes for Little Sister! I am so thankful that both of these ladies thought of me and my children, and were willing to pass down some good outgrown clothes to us!

Over the years, God has always seen to it that my kids were clothed. All throughout my kids lives, I have been given hand-me-downs for each of my kids. If I had to buy enough clothes for each season for all 4 of my kiddos, I would go BROKE! Granted, I have some girl clothes that I keep from one girl to the next. But there was a BIG gap in between Britches and Little Sister, so I had already given away a lot of what I had. So I have always been VERY thankful for the wonderful people God has sent our way to share with us. My kids have never gone without in that area.

And I LOVE being able to hand down clothes that we no longer need to other families. These people have blessed me by giving me clothes for my kids, and I LOVE having the opportunity to be a blessing to someone else and pass on to them for their kids.

Also today, I am thankful that it was a beautiful day so we could sit outside and have a picnic while eating PIZZA! I just LOVE picnics at co-op! I love that I have a standing lunch date with my friend, Linda, for our picnic! I have come to really look forward to it each week.

During third hour, I sit in on study hall and make sure those crazy teenagers stay quiet and actually STUDY! So, while I was sitting, I had an entire 45 minutes to work on an article I have been writing for the past few months. No, it's not that it's just that long or that great. It's just that I haven't had enough quiet time to collect my thoughts and make complete sentences! So this article has been very slow going. But today, I made quite a bit of progress, for which I am really thankful!

I am VERY thankful that today was our last day of co-op for about 2 months! I NEED A BREAK! My kids are very disappointed, but I am quite looking forward to slowing our pace just a bit. Also, I am looking forward to getting my lessons for next semester planned and organized. That way, when we start back, I will not be so rushed. I will greatly miss the aforementioned standing lunch date with my friend, Linda. But I am very grateful for a break from running.

And I am most thankful that God provided me the opportunity today to share truth from His Word with a man whose beliefs are not in line with the Bible. I'm not really sure that I made a difference in his life today. But I do have the promise from God that His Word does NOT return void, AND whatever good work He begins, He will see it through to completion. Thank you, Jesus!

It has been a great day! The baby didn't scream for the entire day, for which I am VERY, VERY THANKFUL! The sun was shining. The rains came again tonight. My week is officially slowing down, and will continue to do so for the next week or more. My co-op classes went really well today - which isn't something I can say for every week. We all had time to see friends today. I am just really thankful that today went so very well.

And in the morning, I'm going to slow down and make a nice cup of homemade hot cocoa...


  1. I so enjoy our lunch "dates"!! I hate that I didn't get to sit with you this Wednesday since I was helping with the pizza and then everyone was already situated. Oh well, after break!!!

  2. I hate that we couldn't stay and have a picnic yesterday. I'd promised my kids & had lunch in the car, then Ernie needed me. I sure hope we get to stay more next semester. Yay for hand me downs! They are wonderful!


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