Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Gratitude Project - Day 20

Today, I am very thankful for my dear friend, Amy. I had the opportunity to spend the day outside visiting with her in the fresh air while we watched the kids play. We don't often have the chance to just sit and enjoy each others company, so today was special.

I went to high school with Amy, and we graduated together. She and I loved many of the same things, like drama and music, and we hung out together sometimes. She and I went places together, and shared many of the same friends.

When we grew up and married, we still kept in touch. And now, we live about 15 minutes apart. Our children enjoy playing with each other. It's just kind of amazing to me how she and I have stayed good friends, and now our children are friends. Pretty cool.

Today, I really needed a good friend to sit and talk with. It was a hard day, and she was there to be that friend. I am so thankful for her!

~Thank you, Amy, for being such a good friend for all these years. I look forward to many, many more years of friendship with you!

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  1. I knew you and Amy were pretty good friends, but I didn't realize you guys went to high school together. That's so nice that you guys could continue your friendship and have homeschooling in common!! You are both wonderful people who I am proud to call my friend!


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