Friday, November 19, 2010

The Gratitude Project - Day 19

As many of you know, I am a proud homeschool mom to four great kids. God called me to this "job" when Britches was about 2. I knew that was what He wanted me to do with and for my kids. God asked me to give up having a job outside of the home, and focus my time and efforts on the children he would put in my care.

I can't say this is always the "job" I wanted to have. There have been, and still are, days that I'd really like to throw my hands up and just put my kids out by the road to wait on that big yellow bus to drive by and pick them up to go to public school. But, because I know that it is God Almighty who has asked this of me, He WILL see my through the hard days.

I have no desire to let a public school teacher spend more time with my children than I. I have no desire to see my kids only in the evenings while doing homework. I have no desire to put them on a freezing cold school bus in the winter to sit for an hour on a bus route before getting to school. (Yeah, I know what I said before!)

But even though my kids don't attend public school, I am still thankful for what goes on there. Today, I am remembering how thankful I am for Christian men and women who go into the school system to make a difference in the lives of children. So many children today come from broken homes, abusive situations, neglect, and any other number of terrible situations that most of us can't even imagine. I am thankful for the teachers who are there to encourage, uplift, and teach these kids. Because, if there weren't good teachers out there, one can never know how those kids from bad home situations would turn out. I am thankful for the cafeteria workers who work hard to feed all those little mouths that, otherwise, may go hungry. I am thankful for a "safe place" for these kids who may not have that "safe place" anywhere else.

Just because you adore your kids and take wonderful care of them doesn't mean that all parents do the same. Not all parents love or even WANT their children. It is a very, VERY sad thing. But I am thankful for the teachers and workers in the schools who care about these kids, and help them to have a better life through education.

Just because I homeschool doesn't mean everyone wants to. Just because I choose to be home with my kids all day every day doesn't mean all parents feel the same. So I am thankful for the people in education who are there for these children.

I am especially thankful for 2 of my favorite teachers, Ms. Hebert and Ms. Oaks, who taught me English and Creative Writing. I would not be where I am today, or where I am headed, with my writing without them taking time with me and encouraging me.

So for any of you out there who feel the need to talk bad about parents who send their kids to public school, about the public school system's failings, or "those teachers", remember this. I take great offense when someone criticizes me for my decision to homeschool my children. We should not be so quick to criticize the ones filling the gaps for children whose parents do not feel the same.

Thank you, teachers, for all you do.

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