Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Gratitude Project 2012 - Day 7

It's the day after the big election. For today, I am thankful for my freedom to VOTE! Some people get so upset with the things the government does, and they do nothing about it. Voting is our way to SAY what we think/believe/want for our country and family. Not every country has this freedom. And in truth, I fear that, if things don't change or if God doesn't come back soon, this may very well be one of the last times our country sees this freedom. I was very saddened to see who won the election. Not that I was really excited for the "other guy" to win, either. Personally, I don't think either of them were "worth their salt". But the majority of our country has spoken, very loudly, about the direction they wish for us to go. As I sit back and reflect on that fact, I am thankful for something else. I am thankful that God is STILL God. He wasn't surprised by the results of last night's election. He wasn't sitting up in Heaven looking down going, "Wait a minute! That wasn't supposed to happen!" He is fully aware of the things going on, and He is STILL in control! And I am thankful that I know the end of the story. Yes, I realize the times in our world are very scary and uncertain. I realize our leaders are not all they should be. But this I know: The Bible says clearly that these things must come to pass before the return of Christ. God isn't surprised by these events. He already knows they are coming. He is ready for them. We should be, too. It has been prophesied in God's written word, which means it WILL happen. I can rejoice in the fact that, the sooner prophesy is fulfilled, the sooner we will be taken to Heaven, our real home, to live forever with an Almighty God. And that, my friends, is something really worth my thanks!

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