Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Gratitude Project 2012 - Day 14

Today has been a stretch for me trying to figure out what I'm thankful for. It's been "one of those days" in life that I just wish I could go back to bed and forget the whole day - or, in this case, the whole week. Grrrr..... But since it's Wednesday and I went to church, I still have something for which to be thankful.

I know I've already said this before, but I must say it again. I am so thankful God has called us to this new church to serve these people. We have only been there for a few months, but already I love them. I am thankful for a pastor who preaches right to my heart EVERY SINGLE TIME HE SPEAKS! It's amazing to me how God works like that through that guy. AMAZING! I'm thankful that I still live in a country (at least for now) where I am free to go to church and worship my God. Truly, it is a privilege that many do not have.

And I was thankful for the hot chocolate that my kids and I shared while reading history this morning. That always lifts my mood, and it's such a sweet time around the table with them. Don't know what I would do in this life without them - yes, all four of them (even the baby).

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