Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Gratitude Project 2012 - Day 6

I'm a little behind over here. What can I say? We had a fun filled day yesterday with Baby Girl, and then I was too caught up in the election last night to stop to blog. Time to catch up. Day 6 - I am thankful for my Baby Girl! Yesterday was her birthday, and I just couldn't believe she is now FOUR! She was so funny walking around telling me all day that she was four and a big girl. I totally used that to my advantage! "Big girls who are four eat all their food on their plate." "Big girls who are four buckle their own seat belts." "Big girls who are four don't whine." She had the best day going around telling her brother and sisters that she was now a big girl. My house was filled with more laughter from her than it has been in a long time. She giggled over EVERYTHING! I just sat back and soaked up the sound of her laughter, because, really, it was wonderful. Her smile made my heart sing. And her laughter was music to my ears. Most days, she is a cantankerous little thing who is never happy with what she is given but always wants more or different. But not yesterday. She was just thrilled to be having her birthday, which she has been waiting for since April when Little Sister had HER birthday. We celebrated with a family birthday party of just the six of us last night. As she opened her few presents, she smiled from ear to ear and hugged each thing tight. Then she ran to each of us and gave the biggest, sweetest hugs and thanks. It melted my heart. Baby Girl is a handful to say the least. Some days she wears me slap out! But I am so thankful that God knew we needed her! I am so thankful He blessed our house with her spirit and energy. And I am thankful for the things God teaches me daily (sometimes hourly) through raising this little stinker! She is such a sweetie, and I love her so much!
(She doesn't take a picture without winking.)

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