Saturday, April 30, 2011

Selling Through Currclick

A few days ago, I announced that my first ever unit study offering, Ecuador, was ready to be sold to YOU! I am so excited, because today, I set up my account through Currclick to sell my new Ecuador unit! Through Currclick, I will be able to offer my unit study, as well as any future studies I write, to a much bigger audience than through my blog alone.

So from this point out, any future unit studies that I write will be announced here on my blog, and I will provide the link to the Currclick page where you can download the unit immediately after paying.

I have always loved buying through Currclick, because they have such a wide variety of products to choose from, and you can quickly and easily download your material. There is no waiting on the mailman to bring a book to your house, and there is no need to find a place to store said book once you are finished. You just download your material to your computer and print off what you will need to work with your kids. And besides just stuff for your homeschool, they also offer great e-books for mom to give help and encouragement in the areas of teaching your kids and staying sane while doing it! You can also sign up for lots of LIVE classes that they offer. My kids have taken several LIVE classes, and they have loved them. Britches' first live class was based on the American Girl book, Happy Birthday Felicity. She had printouts that I stuck in a folder for her to do, she read the chapters in the book, there were crafts she put together herself, and there was even an online chat community that she took part in. It was GREAT! And when you go to the Currclick site, you can find a page full of FREE products to download, as well as a free product each week. Click on my link to the right to see everything they offer.

And if you'd like to go see MY listing for my Ecuador unit, check it out here! 

Hopefully, I will have some time soon to start writing more units. If you have a unit that you would like to see offered, leave me a comment telling me what you have in mind. I would LOVE to hear your suggestions!

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