Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Schoolhouse Expo

Last week, I had the privilege of sitting in on the Schoolhouse Expo pre-show! I was FANTASTIC! I was particularly excited about the pre-show, because Tricia Goyer was up first and was planning to talk about how to improve your writing skills and earn money from home with your writing. Well, that was right up my alley! And it was SO worth listening to!

The other speaker I particularly enjoyed was Dianne Craft. I had never heard her speak, so I didn't know what to expect. But soon after she began, I could tell I was really going to enjoy listening to her. For starters, she was HILARIOUS! But the more I listened, the more I realized that this was actually something I needed to hear. She was speaking about teaching the right brained child. Well, I had never really thought about my kids as being left brained or right brained. Didn't really know what that meant. But the more she talked, the more I realized that my son is a right brained kid, and that is why I sometimes have difficulty teaching him certain things. He needs to visualize things, instead of just being told something. Truth be told, I am COMPLETELY a right brained person, so you would think I should click perfectly with my son. But there are times that, even though I know I don't learn best by looking at a white page, I just don't know any other way to communicate a concept to him than the way I was taught. (I fully believe that most public school teachers are teaching to left brain kids!)

Dianne spent nearly an hour talking about ways to help a right brained child understand and retain information you present to them by making things more visual. You can check out her web site to get more information and to see her book, Teaching the Right Brained Child. By the time she was finished with her hour of talk, I was armed with all sorts of great ideas to help teach my son in a better way that he could understand. I am especially excited about her suggestions for learning vocabulary words!

The Schoolhouse Expo is coming up in just a few weeks, and I am THRILLED that Dianne Craft will be speaking again! There are several speakers I look forward to hearing, but I am especially looking forward to hearing her! And she announced during the pre-show that she will be speaking at the Expo about teaching MATH to the right brained child! YAY HOORAY! Math is a KILLER for me to teach Little Man, and it's equally hard for him to grasp. So I just cannot wait to hear her suggestions that I am sure will help us enjoy learning that subject a little more.

The other topics I am so excited to hear are the ones regarding working from home. I am always looking for some good, legitimate advice on making money from home. And I don't mean by selling something or making phone calls. But there are several speakers who will be talking about home-based entrepreneurship, using social media to grow your home business, and micro-businesses for teens. I can't wait to hear what these speakers have to share!

If you haven't gotten your ticket to the Schoolhouse Expo yet, well, you're too late!! All the tickets for the live conference have been sold. But worry not! You still have a chance to hear Dianne, along with many, MANY other amazing speakers and amazing topics. You can still purchase the Expo to Go, and it is only $19.95!! You get all of the conference in an MP3 format, and with that, you can listen to it at your convenience and even go back and listen again if you like!! Be sure to look in the Vendor Hall, too, when you go to purchase your Expo to Go. You will find some amazing resources that you may be interested in for your homeschool. And if you purchase from any of the vendors, please be sure to tell them "Thanks" for sponsoring the Schoolhouse Expo!

The Schoolhouse Expo is only a few weeks away, and I can hardly wait! Will I see you there??

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  1. I'm really glad you enjoyed the pre-show and are looking forward to the Expo in just a couple of weeks! I'm looking forward to it too. :)


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