Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ecuador Unit Study On Sale Now!!

When my oldest two children were 3 and 4, we did our first unit study. For about a month, we followed a missionary, Ms. Karen, as she traveled to China. The kids and I prayed for Ms. Karen, marked on a map all the places she traveled while she was there, cooked Chinese meals, learned all about pandas, made colored rice art - there was so much that we did, I can't even tell you all of it! My son prayed for Ms. Karen for YEARS after that experience. I have never forgotten what an impact that study had on my children. And ever since that time, I have hoped that God would bring another missionary along that we may follow again.

There are some missionaries that attend the church we now go to. They are Mr. Karvin and Ms. Sandy Adams. When I read in our bulletin a few months ago that they would be traveling to Ecuador this summer on a mission trip, I was very excited! I asked the kids if they would like to adopt the Adams' as "our missionaries", and pray for them while they are on their trip and follow their journey. The kids were just as excited as I was.

The plan is that, while we are praying for them and following their journey on a map, we will also learn everything we can about the country of Ecuador. So I began pulling all my information together so I would be ready to teach my kids. As I was gathering all my information, I had a thought. There are several people who have told me they would love to just be able to teach their kids the way I do. (Truthfully, I think that's kind of funny!) So I decided that, while I was putting everything together for my kids, I would write down everything, so I could offer OUR unit study to YOU!

If you would be interested in learning about the AMAZING country of Ecuador, think about going there with us - through some great books and other resources, of course! Follow along with our missionaries when they head to Ecuador later this summer.

The price for this unit study is $9.95. After I receive your payment, I will send you instructions on how to download the unit. Through this study, you will learn, with your children, about the rich culture of Ecuador, along with lessons about the food, customs, government, and people of the country. Also, your children will learn about the Adams', their work in Ecuador, the churches they have helped to build, and past mission work in this country. Your children will learn what it means to be a missionary and the importance of mission work. This unit study can be used for multiple age levels, and you will find craft options for younger children, research options for older children, and much, much more! This unit study is meant to cover approximately two weeks worth of learning, but it could be easily cut down to one week for your younger children, or extended beyond two weeks for your older children.

Payment Options: I can accept payment through Paypal. My Paypal email is Simply send your payment with a note saying you are purchasing the Ecuador unit study. Shoot me an e-mail to receive your download information upon sending your payment. Paypal does, however, charge a fee for all transactions made. So, if you would prefer to pay with a personal check, e-mail me and I will send you my physical address. After I receive your check, I will send you the download information.

So for all of you who think you would like to homeschool your children like I do, here is your chance. My children and I will be studying through this same unit study as we follow our missionaries' journey to reach the people of Ecuador for Christ. We would love to have you travel with us!

Check out what some other homeschool moms had to say about "Ecuador":

"I was in desperate need of something to excite my 13 year old son about school again, so when asked to review this unit study, I couldn't have been more excited.  It was so easy, because all of the resources are listed for you. We enjoyed watching the video links and trying some of the Ecuadorian recipes.  This unit study has plenty of activities no matter your child's age, and it was also a great jumping off place for us to go deeper into the culture and history of this wonderful place. Thanks so much, Nicole, for letting us try it. In Matthew's words, it was way more interesting than he thought it would be." ~Terri L.

"My thoughts on the Ecuador unit are that it is fantastic! Michael is doing 6th grade work, and Annalee is doing 4th grade work, and they both really enjoyed learning about Ecuador. They both loved the videos. Bella (3) even loved the videos. We thought they were appropriate and entertaining. All of the links and videos worked great. It was challenging to both of the kids. It kept both of their attention. 

My overall opinion is that the unit study was great. We would purchase this unit study and more. Annalee stated that it was much more fun than using her workbooks! She said she would love to visit Ecuador after watching the videos. I learned a lot going through the unit study with them. I had no idea children in Ecuador usually only went to school for 9 years. We really enjoyed it! I cannot think of anything that should be added or taken away. We really enjoyed everything about the unit." ~Jessie T.

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