Sunday, April 3, 2011

Made to Worship

For the past ten weeks, I have been engrossed in a Beth Moore Bible study, Believing God. It has been amazing. I cannot even begin to tell you all the things God has shown me through this study. I wish I had kept a journal from the very beginning to remember all the lessons I learned, the miracles He has done and shown me, the blessings He has poured out - everything.

In one of the lessons, she talked about how, even though God has forgiven us of the sins in our past, we still wear our shame so that everyone can see. Sometimes we even cover it up, but we are still wearing the shame. In order for us not to still feel the weight of that past sin, we must allow God to circumcise our hearts. In doing that, He will cut away the guilt and shame, and He will leave the mark of His cutting. It will hurt, but it will be a remembrance of what He has done for us and we can walk out in faith knowing that we are whole and we are His. Very thought provoking.

She made a comment about how, often times, we sing our worship songs in church or wherever, and they are slow and drawn out, and they tend to make us feel as though we are "swaying back and forth wallowing in our own self loathing." When she said that, I got a very vivid picture of most Christian's today. We sing all these slow songs that seem so depressing, and, even though we are thanking God for salvation, we seem to still be worshiping in a "poor, terrible me" attitude.

In my opinion, if we are bearing the mark of the circumcision of the heart, we should be jumping up and down praising God for delivering us from the pit that we were in! We should be rejoicing publicly over all He has saved us from. And we should be excited about where He will bring us next! The time for "woe is me" songs has passed! I am a child of the Living God, forgiven, bearing the marks of the circumcision of the heart, and expectantly waiting to see where my God will use me next. I have great reason to REJOICE!

When I think of the worship I want to offer my Savior, I think of something more like this.

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  1. It is amazing what one of those days with Beth Moore's book can do. :) God is so using her!


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