Monday, July 27, 2009

A Mirror Image

Isn't it interesting how, in most aspects of this life, we are mirroring God and His plan for His children? Today, I am reminded of that in everything I do.

As I hold a little one, I think of how God delights in holding me. In caring for my sick children, God cares for my sicknesses - physical, emotional, and spiritual. While I teach my children the things they need to know in this life, it reminds me of how God teaches me about Himself and His will. Just as I clean up the many messes my children make each day, so God cleans up the messes I make in my life.. He washes them away, making a clean working area in which to start again. Through my baby's hurtful pinching and biting, I think of the many times I have hurt God. All day long, I chase after my children, just as God chases after me, relentlessly, over and over, time and again, and He brings me back from where I do not need to go. Even as I punish a screaming fit from a child, it causes me to think of how The Almighty Himself loves me enough to discipline me when I disobey. Just as God never ignores me or any of my needs, I must remember to never ignore my children or their needs. When my children crawl into my lap to sit with me and enjoy each other, so I have a Heavenly Daddy that wants me to crawl into His lap, sit for awhile, and just love on Him. And He always has time to love on me.

In this life, I am the example of God for my children. It is my walk that teaches them how great His love is, how He wants them, how He longs for them. May I walk worthy of Him.

Colossians 1:10a

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