Saturday, July 25, 2009

Big Sister and Little Sister's Beautiful Hair

This morning, we had fun just playing around with the girl's hair. There was no special reason, and we had no where to go. We just had a great time playing around together. The ideas came from this blog: Here are some of our pictures.

Her hair turned out beautiful -- for a 3 year old who couldn't sit still for anything!! I have never ever braided hair that was moving the entire time!

It is MUCH easier to fix my 9 year old's hair. Her hair is long, so we used lots of little clips to help it stay put.

Both of my girls just loved getting their hair fixed, and they loved how it turned out! It was a fun morning spending some "just because" time with them!


  1. I am so glad you have used the site! The hair looks great, girl!

  2. What cute girls you have. The style turned out very cute! Hope to see you do it again with us this Friday.


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