Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Expo to Go Tickets are on Sale NOW!

Lately, I have had quite a number of homeschool moms come to me and ask me questions. Questions about how to homeschool, how I personally homeschool my kids, how you keep from getting burned out, how to handle homeschooling naysayers, and way more things than you can even imagine. It's really very amazing to me that anyone would actually want MY opinion in the first place. I am always amazed at the fact that Almighty God chooses to use me, mere dust of the earth, to accomplish His purposes.

So anyway, just yesterday I had a friend ask me how to handle a child who has decided they just simply don't like school anymore and refuse to do it. Her daughter is a sweet, sweet girl, but has just decided that she is bored and just doesn't want to cooperate with her poor mama anymore in doing school. So what is a homeschool mama to do? My advice to her - change what you're doing. If you are teaching your child in a particular way, say by using textbooks or DVD's or whatever, and they HATE it, it isn't working and you should look at trying something else. I sent her straight to some of my favorite sites to check out all the FUN school resources available. She was thrilled to find so many different unit studies that would make her school with her daughter more fun, and hopefully cause her daughter to learn to LOVE learning.

I just love when I am able to help a fellow homeschooler! I thoroughly enjoy being able to listen to a friend's problem with homeschooling and be able to offer some advice to get them back on track. I LOVE knowing that I have helped someone change their mind about quitting homeschooling because it's just "too much."

Now imagine with me for a minute, if you will, having an incredible array of people sitting and talking with you about numerous homeschooling and family issues and offering you help and support and advice. Imagine having someone right in your living room speaking to you about some really hard things that you need answers to. Imagine having an expert give you just the advice you need to get you over the "hump" in your homeschooling season. Impossible? I think not.

I hope that, by now, most of you have heard about the Homeschooling With Heart Schoolhouse Expo. For any of you who missed me talking about it, the Schoolhouse Expo is an online LIVE homeschooling conference that gives you TONS of great homeschooling helps, resources, encouragement, and just plain fun! It is scheduled for May 16-20, and during that time, you will hear a great line-up of speakers talking on all sorts of topics. They will come right into your home, via Internet, and talk with you about a variety of topics to help you. You don't want to miss this event!

But what if you have to miss it? What if you are out of town that week? What if you already know that you won't be free during the day to listen to the conference live? Well you are in luck! If, for some reason, you aren't able to listen to the live conference, you still are able to purchase an Expo To Go ticket for only $19.99 and will receive an mp3 recording of each and every speaker who will be at the conference! YAY! And pre-orders are being taken RIGHT NOW!

The mp3 recordings won't be available until a few weeks after the conference, but you can go ahead and pre-order to make sure you don't forget. You DON'T want to forget! So head on over and purchase your Expo To Go ticket. Be sure to check out all the great freebies you will get with your mp3 recordings, and be sure to take a look at all the great speakers you will hear!

Now, for only a few dollars more, you can purchase the LIVE Schoolhouse Expo ticket, and, when you do, you will automatically get the mp3 downloads with it! So if you are at all able to attend the LIVE event, it will be worth the few extra dollars!

One thing I LOVE about having the downloads is that you can go back and listen to them over and over again. There are times when we homeschooling moms just really need some encouragement. And if you have someone to listen to and encourage you and give you advice, and right at your fingertips, that can make a world of difference!

I LOVE spending time encouraging other homeschool mamas. I just can't tell you how much I enjoy that! This conference is going to be nothing but encouragement for you. And I just can't tell you enough how much you need to have a ticket for this event.  This is not just about trying to sell a ticket here. This is something that is REALLY TRULY going to help you out in your homeschooling journey. And don't we all need a little help sometimes?!

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