Tuesday, December 28, 2010

And the Winner Is...

Last week, I announced the 400th project pack of Hands of a Child. And, I announced that I was giving away a FREE copy of one of those project packs, compliments of Hands of a Child, to one of you! I have had so much fun reading all of your wish lists! It is exciting to see the different topics you would like to do with your children! Some of those project packs are ones that I would have picked as well.

Well, today was the big day! It was time to have our drawing for the first ever give-away on my blog! YAY! (That right there was exciting to me!!) In order to insure that we held a fair and honest random drawing, we used a highly sophisticated method for picking our winner. It's called "I wrote down everyone's name on a piece of paper, folded them, put them in a cereal bowl, and let Britches draw a name." How much more honest and sophisticated can you get, I would just like to know?!

Congratulations go out to Ms. Jennifer Wallace, who is my first ever winner of anything on my blog!! YAY Jennifer!! The project pack will be sent out sometime next week, and I just can't wait to hear all about how Jennifer is using it and enjoying it with her kids!

Thank you to all of you great girls who entered my give-away contest!

And don't forget, Hand's of a Child's 400th Project Pack sale will be early next year and will included great discounts as well as 3 completely free 1 year super memberships ($225value), a FREE custom ordered project pack (you tell them the topic and grade level and they do all the work, a $75 value), as well as a FREE Lifetime Super Membership ($275 value)! Be sure to read up on the features of all these giveaways by visiting their site.

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