Monday, August 23, 2010

Lego's - Day 3

Today is day 3 of our lego fun. The kids are having the best time with this lapbook, and I am absolutely thrilled that I decided to kick off our school year with this one! Here is what we did today.

Today, we did quite a few things online. We read online about the two things that make Legos "stick" together - interference fit and friction. Then the kids headed to the table to write the definitions in their lapbooks.

Next, we watched videos and looked at pictures of things that Lego artists and Lego designers have created. Who knew you could actually make MONEY playing with Legos. These Lego artists make a LOT of money for their art, and Lego actually will HIRE people to design really cool, amazing things with Legos! Amazing! The kids really enjoyed looking at the different pieces.

Britches and Little Man spent some time on their writing. Today's quote was: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein. We talked for awhile about what that means. If we had no imagination and only relied on the things we know, where would the world be today? It's kind of like the saying, "We've always done it that way before." If you only create according to the things already done that you "know" about and never use your imagination, you are bound to stay in the same place and never move forward. OK, that's another blog altogether! Moving on...

Each day, the kids have had a building challenge. Today's challenge was to build a mosaic. First, we went back to the computer to see someone make a Lego mosaic. Then the kids had to create their own. They asked me what they should build, and I told them, "Be creative. Build whatever YOU come up with! This is your project." So they did! And here are their finished projects.

Britches made a house.

Little Man had to explain his to me. (Truthfully, I couldn't see ANYTHING in this!) He said it was a mosaic of the outside. The white in the corner is a cloud, and the yellow in the right corner is the sun. The yellow at the bottom is on top of some green, and these make a flower. And the green and brown on the right side are a tree. The blue in the background is the sky. I thought that was pretty creative!

That was all we did today. Day 4 will be our last day, and the kids are already sad about the lesson ending. But there will be much more fun to come on day 4, and they are going to really enjoy it! Remember to go check out the Lego lapbook for your children, and while you're there, check out the rest of Ami's blog. Lots of really great stuff over there!


  1. You can tell they are having a blast with this. I've never done lapbooking. I guess I should try it sometime.


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