Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lego's - Day 2

Today was day 2 of our Lego lapbook. So I realize some of you are thinking right now that you can't be doing school if you're just playing with Legos. I beg to differ! My kids are having so much fun building and constructing and learning all about the history and business of Lego.

Each day of this lapbook study, the kids have a challenge - something to build with their Legos. Today's challenge was to build a ship any way you want. The only rules I gave them - it couldn't be tiny, but had to be at least 6" long, and they had to be creative! Here is what they came up with . 

My Little Man came up with this really cool ship, complete with an anchor! 

Britches made a bigger ship, complete with rooms in the hull for the captain to sleep. Notice him lying on his side in his bed?

Little Sister made 3 different ships, mainly because she was really getting into the fact that I was taking pictures and wanted me to keep taking them of her and her creations! (What can I say, she IS my daughter!)

Even Baby Girl got in on the fun and was working on some fine motor skills as she tried to put the Legos together. You never can start them too young!

Next, we worked on their writing by copying a quote from Albert Einstein. 

This year, Britches is working on making her cursive writing better. 

And Little Man is perfecting his print. 

We headed to the computer to watch a few videos about Legos, one of which showed the manufacturing process. The kids liked the video so much, they watched it again!

After the video, they headed back to the table to work in their lapbook recounting the manufacturing process. 

And since everyone else was getting their pictures taken, Baby Girl needed hers taken. She was amazed by the little red light on my camera and kept giving me funny looks trying to figure out what it was. But she really got a kick out of seeing herself on the camera. Got to love a digital camera!! 

And that was day 2 of our Lego lapbook. I do hope, if you homeschool or if you don't, that you will check out this amazing lapbook to do with your kids. It will be well worth your time!

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