Tuesday, October 18, 2011

As Silver Refined Book Review

Recently, I started reading a new book, As Silver Refined, by Kay Arthur. Here are my thoughts on it. 

As Silver Refined, by Kay Arthur, is a very well written, very well researched book. I think Arthur put a lot of great information in this text regarding how to deal with difficulties and disappointments that come in life from a Godly perspective. I loved the way she talked about the Deadly D's that can cause one who experiences disappointments in life to spiral downward into despair and depression if you don't see those disappointments through the eyes of God. I especially liked the fact that she included a complete bible study at the end of the book for anyone wanting to dig deeper into the Word of God to discover more truths.

The downside to this book is probably just my personal preference here. But I got a little bogged down by all the many scripture references she used. I personally would have rather she had taken one or two scriptures per chapter or even per page and based her thoughts around that, instead of numerous verses. But as I said, that is just a personal preference. I tend to get bogged down easily with too many words going in what appears to be different directions.

One of my favorite quotes from Mrs. Arthur's book was found very near the beginning. She said, "Christianity doesn't exempt us from pain, from disappointment, from the hardships of this life. Nor does it demand that we deny or hide our pain or our disappointments. But it does give us One who promises a purpose, an end, and a benefit in it all."

This book came at a time in my life when I greatly needed to be reminded of the fact that, though pain and hardships come my way, God has not forgotten me, He is not asleep on the job, and He has a plan for me. He does care about me, and He is forming me and shaping me, through difficult circumstances, into His likeness.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever been disappointed, let down, discouraged, or in any other way hurt in this life, and have questioned why God would "let this happen." It is a great book that is very well written.

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