Friday, January 14, 2011

A Great Christmas Gift

Over the holidays, Brient and I were blessed with the BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!!! Oh my goodness, I was THRILLED!

To a gardener, the most important things in life are dirt, seeds, sunlight, water, mulch, and pine straw. I LOVE these things. LOVE THEM! So when we were given FIVE really large bags full of pine straw as a Christmas present, I was ecstatic! I just had to show it off!

For years now, I have wanted to completely clean out and cover my herb garden with pine straw for the winter. But since my pine trees drop about 3 pine needles a year, and Brient won't let me go raking up and down the road anymore (he's such a party pooper!), I never actually have enough pine straw to finish out the entire job. Which means, I end up sparsely covering only a fraction of my herb garden, and the rest looks, well, pathetic!

But this year, as a Christmas present, our good friends, Ray, Rena, Caleb, and Emilee, gave us enough pine straw to completely cover my entire herb garden! So here are my pictures of my pathetic little herb bed before and the lovely herb bed afterward!

This is before...

And this is after!!! Notice how lush and beautiful it now looks! YAY!

My blueberry bushes are tucked in for the winter.

My comfrey and lemon balm have a nice, warm blanket around them, too.

And my angel now has something to smile about! 

Brient and I are so thankful for our good friends, and for the sweet, thoughtful, WONDERFUL Christmas gift they gave us this year!

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