Friday, February 19, 2010

CHA Science and Social Studies Fair 2010

For the last few months, Britches and my Little Man have been hard at work on their science and social studies fair projects. Today, our homeschool group held its annual fair. It was a long, busy day for me, because I was the coordinator. But it was SOOOOO worth every minute! It was a great day, and it was a great fair. Here are the pictures of the kids projects.


Britches did a project called "Triangles are Stronger Than Squares." She did an experiment using gumdrops and toothpicks. She built 2 towers, one with triangles and one with only squares, and she showed how the one built with squares collapsed under weight, and the one with triangles held strong. She also showed different things that are built using triangles, such as the Eiffel Tower, geodesic dome houses, the water tower near our house, bridges, and even the signs hanging out over the Interstate. She worked very hard on her project, and she won 3rd place in her division. She was a little disappointed at that, because she put so much work into her project. But I had to remind her that she did really well, and that she was competing this year against older kids. Last year, she was in the younger division. That helped her feelings some. But I was still very, very proud of her!!


A few months back, we did a lesson on Vikings, and my Little Man really enjoyed that!! So he decided to do his project on the Vikings. He showed pictures of their houses, how they built their ships, different types of armor that they used, foods they ate, and the different gods they worshiped. He also told about a Viking funeral. He built a model of a Viking longboat (their ship), and he brought his plastic sword and homemade bow and arrow to display. My Little Man won 1st place in his division, and he even won 1st place overall in social studies. I was very proud of him, too. 

My sweet hubby man was able to take off work today, so he could come and help set up and take down the things needed for the fair. And he was able to actually watch his children participate in the fair this year. Rarely does he ever get to do that, because his work usually has him driving all over the state. So this was a real treat today. The kids enjoyed him being there, and I enjoyed it, too!! 

And their papaw and mamaw even showed up to watch and take pictures of their projects. So Britches and my Little Man knew that there were a whole lot of people there cheering them on today. And for that, I was thankful!!

Leading the science and social studies fair this year was great. It was great fun putting it together, and I really, really enjoyed seeing all the amazing projects that our homeschoolers came up with. It was a FUN DAY!!!

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