Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Big Snow of 2010

Very rarely do we see any snow whatsoever in my neck of the woods. And even more rarely do we see an actual snowfall - you know, the white, fluffy stuff that you can actually throw at each other without knocking someone out (because where I live, we get sleet - makes a good ball, but you don't really want to get hit with it!) and the kind you can roll into three balls to make a REAL snowman. 

But last Thursday, the weatherman said to watch out, because snow was heading our way. Everyone was holding their breath and hoping, but I don't think anyone really believed it would come. (Weathermen have been known to be wrong, on rare occasions, of course.) But to all of our surprise, snow flurries came floating down out of the sky right around lunch time, and they kept getting bigger, and faster, and heavier. And by Friday morning, all the world around us was a beautiful white! 

In the Deep South, we get this kind of snow about once every 10-15 years, if we're lucky. So in honor of the occasion, and because no one could get out of their driveways, the local schools closed and many area businesses shut down for a snow day. Well, we couldn't be left out just because we homeschool! So I declared that A Higher Calling Christian Academy was closed Friday for our own snow day!

I woke the kids early to show them all the wonder. They were thrilled! They ate their breakfast as quickly as they could, and headed outside by about 8:30. They played all day in the snow. Here are the pictures of our snow day!


My house covered with beautiful snow...


My lovely woods glistening with snow...


My honey's shop...


My plum tree...


The view of my road...


This is my garden. There were at least 6" of snow covering my beds.




Right off the bat, we had a snowball fight! It was the best snowball fight ever!!


The kids have always wanted to make snow angels, and this was their chance. This is Britches' snow angel.


And this is Little Man's snow angel. 


Little Man and Little Sister were making a snow fort together. I think Little Sister got the raw end of that deal, because every time I looked over at her, she was carrying her snowballs to Little Man, who was himself standing at the snow fort not doing anything but putting them in place. After I told him as much, he started helping with making the snow balls.


 The finished fort...


Britches decided to shake my tree and see how much snow would fall on her head!

Thursday afternoon, after the snow and sleet mixture had just begun to stick, Little Sister made her own little snowman all by herself! She was so proud of that snowman, even though he didn't even have a face! 


Our snowman. This is the first snowman we have ever built together, and it was great! Little Sister insisted we needed to go inside to collect a carrot for his nose, and Britches decided to bring out a hat for his head.


Britches wanted to build her own snow fort, without the help of her brother and sister. There was so much snow in her daddy's trailer, she decided to just build it right there. She didn't intentionally build it in the shape of a heart, but it sure turned out looking like that. 


My baby girl was sleeping through most of the fun. But when she woke up, I took her outside for just a minute to let her look at the snow and feel it, and to get a picture for grandma. She was none to enthused about it, so we went back in pretty quickly. 


All three of my kiddos came in soaked to the bone. Oh, and this was the second pair of clothes they had put on! When they came in, I sent Britches straight to the shower, and while they waited for their turn, Little Man and Little Sister warmed their feet and hands by the fireplace. 

I just love it when God blesses us with something unexpected and so much fun. He is such a good, loving God who gives us good gifts. And the big snow of 2010 was a good gift indeed!


  1. Thank you for remember Red Grandmama with pictures.

  2. It was the best snow ever, I know! :)


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