Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Make and Share Monday - Homemade Card

OK, I know today is not actually Monday. Yesterday turned out to be one really busy day for us. We left early for town, and when we finally made it home, we were busy until bedtime. So it goes without saying that I didn't have time to do anything for Make and Share Monday. But today, I made up for it! I hope you like what I came up with.

Recently, we started attending a new church. Everyone there has been very nice. But there is one older lady who has been especially sweet to my family. She goes out of her way each time she sees us to come and give me a hug and speak to the children. So I've been thinking about this for a week or so now, and I decided I'd like to send her a card to tell her how much she means to us. However, I really dislike going to the store to buy a $5 card for someone. First of all, I'm a cheapskate. And secondly, buying a card seems very impersonal. So I decided to hand make a card for this sweet lady.

I started out by gathering my supplies. I picked a few pieces of cardstock, some sticky ribbon that I had left over from another project, my embroidery thread, some wavy cut scissors, a ruler, a pencil, some glue, and my template for drawing straight lines.

I tri-folded my paper long ways, because I am going to mail this card, and I wanted it to fit nicely in a standard envelope. Then I cut the contrasting paper with my wavy cut scissors.

I then glued the contrasting paper on to the front and the inside of my card. This would be where I would put the writing. Also, on the inside of the card along the sides, I applied brown sticky ribbon.

I used a lighter brown color of embroidery thread, and I tied a bow that I glued on to the front top of the card above where the writing would be. Then, I used my line template and I drew very light lines with my pencil. This would ensure that I made my writing nice and straight.

I found one of my favorite verses in my Bible, and I wrote it first very lightly in pencil. Then, I went back over it with a blue fine tipped marker. When the writing was dry, I went back and erased the light pencil lines I had made. Then, I wrote my message on the inside of the card in a fine tipped black marker, and went back and erased those lines as well. I decided to add another small brown bow on the inside of the card, too.

And there you have my finished version of my handmade card. Tomorrow, I will put this in the mail and get it on its way to this very sweet lady. Hopefully, when she receives it, she will realize that I put a lot of thought in to a card just for her - that I was thinking of her.

I hope you liked this weeks craft for Make and Share Monday, even though it was a day late. And as always, check out the link above to get all the great details on how you can get involved in this fun event. Look for another craft next Monday - unless it happens to drag out to Tuesday...

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