Sunday, June 28, 2009

Green Horned Tomato Worms

In the garden, there are all sorts of pests trying to get the things for which I have worked hard. One of those pesky creatures is the green horned tomato worm. They are terrible things that love to eat my tomato plants to nothing! First, they start small -- just a few leaves here and there. Then, before you know it, they have worked up a bigger appetite, and they start eating more leaves. And finally, jackpot, they find the tomatoes! I might be willing to share, if they would eat off of only one tomato. But no, they take a few bites out of each one, ruining any chance I had at getting some for myself. My tomatoes should be turning red within about a week, and yesterday morning, I spotted signs of another worm. I had to do something! So much to my organic dismay, I went to the feed store and purchased a bag of Sevin dust to put on my plants. All bets are off at this point. When it comes to being "green" or actually getting the tomatoes I worked hard for, I opted for the tomatoes! Any guess what?! I found that horrible thing lying dead on the ground this morning. Good ridance!

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