Thursday, December 8, 2011

LEGO School Days

There are some days that I seriously have good intentions where school is concerned. But sometimes my good intentions just don't turn out quite like I planned. Most of the time, things start heading south because "stuff" happens. "Stuff" being things like my phone won't stop ringing off the hook, or the baby is very cranky because of those huge molars coming in and wants to be held, or an unexpected visitor drops by and stays for awhile, or just the fact that I am so exhausted after doing other "stuff" that we take a much needed day off. But not this day!

On this school day, the reason my good intentions were not carried out was simply because my kids were teaching themselves. Yep. They all went in the school room after breakfast and sat down with some LEGO's. Since they were all being quiet, I wasn't about to disturb them!! I figured I'd call them a little later for school. But as I peeked my head in the room to check on them, I saw they were deep in thought building some really creative things.

Britches was busy trying to make a tower that had several gears inside that would turn a wheel and make the tower roll across the table. And Little Man was working out the details on a robot design that would do all my chores around the house! YAY for me! I am so thankful to have a son who thinks about things like that. Now if he will just really create a REAL ONE, well, I would really be happy about that!!

Alas, I am a terrible mother and forgot to take pictures of Britches' moving tower. GASP! I know! I know! I will do better in the future! BUT, I did remember to take pictures of Little Man's robot design - mainly because he wouldn't stop pestering me until I did! So here it is. The robot that will one day take over all my house cleaning duties.

This is the robot from different angles. 

 This is the dishwasher portion. The LEGO's in the white boxes represent my never ending load of dishes, and the two arms are what washes them. And the bottom picture shows the side view of the counter space where it will stack the clean dishes.

These are the laundry hands that will fold my laundry.

This is the trash arm that picks up trash around the house. You tie it onto the bars and it will throw it into the dumpster for you. 

This is the broom that can sweep my house! Since I have a house with no carpet, this is a GREAT invention! 

And for the few rugs I have in my house, there is a vacuum arm attachment.

And of course you need access to the control panel for programming your robot for specific tasks. 

This robot has hoovering devices attached to the bottom.

And this is my little engineer with his invention. 

Most days, we are very good about getting our normal schooling done, such as spelling and math. But some days, delight directed learning takes over and I step out of the way. And you know what? That's OK! 

~For more information on delight directed learning, go check out Homeschool Oasis!


  1. Love, love, love this post. And I so needed to hear it today. Yesterday was a "teacher work day." (You know, the teacher -me- had stuff to do)

    I decided that today was going to be hard hitting until I didn't sleep last night and then got a really upsetting phone call first thing. So the day was devoted to all of us together around the computer looking at really old pictures and reminiscing about good times. We were looking specifically for Lego related pictures, because my son wants me to make him a Picaboo photo book of all his Lego years. This should be a cool project!

    I am subscribing from Molly's Home Team. :)

  2. I love days like that! I used to really be bothered by "those" days and struggled with whether or not I should interrupt the kids and make them "do school." Now, though, I've learned to leave them alone and let them enjoy learning on their own! There are always plenty of school days. :)


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