Friday, August 26, 2011

Social Networking

I have been on Facebook for about two years now, and I have to say, it has been a life saver where mommy social interaction is concerned. Everyone always says they think homeschoolers aren't socialized, but I would offer to you that MOMMY'S don't have enough socialization!! I joined Facebook at a time in my life when I needed to hear during the day from other mom's who were in the same stage of life and situations as I. I needed a support group to call on when I was having "one of those days" with my kids. And boy did I get it! I have loved every minute of connecting with my friends and getting more deeply in touch with them, their kids, and their lives. Only problem is, Facebook is very addicting.

Nearly two years ago, I gave up drinking coffee, because it had become an addiction in my life. I prayed for a long time over that one, and I finally realized that I didn't want anything controlling my life in that way except God Almighty. (Yes, coffee addictions CAN and DO control your life! But that's for another day and another story...) But the more I have thought and prayed over this, I realize that I have let another addiction creep into my life. Social networking has become such an idol in my life that I can't seem to get anything done in my day with out thinking about and wondering about what everyone is doing in THEIR homes! It has become such an addiction that I am not only checking it to see what help, support, and advice other mom's can give me, but I am now just sitting starting at a screen waiting to see what everyone is going to post that they are up to in their day. It has taken first place in my life where GOD should have been!

This has become such a problem that I can't even seem to sit down to a meal with my kids and focus on THEM without just itching to go see what everyone has posted. Every time I walk past my computer, I click on the "refresh" button to see if there is anything new. I find school related "reasons" to head to my computer all throughout the day so I can check if anything new is happening. And at night, when I SHOULD be spending some quality time with my hubby, I find myself distracted and heading often to my computer to see everyone's day coming to an end. I am spending more time with my FRIENDS than I am with my FAMILY! It is RIDICULOUS!

I continue to wonder why it is that I can't seem to accomplish all the things that I want to do because of lack of time. When I sit down and really look at it, though, it isn't a lack of time but a misuse of time. I haven't taken time to blog or write any articles to send in for magazines. My house is NEVER clean! My kids don't get the benefit of my time undivided and given to them. I am always telling them, "Just a minute. I have to finish reading this." Meals are rarely together on time, because I'm usually in a mad rush at the end of the day just to decide what we will have. I have just been a bad steward of the time that God has given me, plain and simple.

The Bible says not to make any idol for yourselves. Idols come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. They can be in the form of TV, food, exercise, or even in the shape of Facebook. How many idols are in your life? How many things are you giving your time to? What things in your life and family are suffering because of your idol worship? And a bigger question: Are you going to keep those idols?

As for me, I am taking a weekend break from social networking. I need some time to refocus my priorities, putting God at the very top of my list and my husband and children right after Him. I seriously need to find balance in my life right now, and getting rid of idols and addictions is at the top of my "to-do" list to make that happen! I don't want to ever let any THING in this life control me, what I do, what I think, and how I act, except for my God and Savior! He is the ONLY ONE I want to have in control of me. How about you??

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