Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

Today, after church, several families piled into vehicles and headed for lunch at a local pizza restaurant. Brient and I took the kids, and we all enjoyed some good food and good conversation with other parents with kids our kids ages. And after everyone was finished, we headed over to our local pumpkin patch to watch the kids explore, take some pictures, and, of course, bring home some prize pumpkins. Here are some pictures of all the fun we had!

Here's my littlest one playing in the hay maze. She really liked it, except that the hay got stuck on her diaper, and then her legs started itching!

Little Sister and Miss A have been friends for awhile now, and I have pictures of them last year in about the same place. The sweet little girl in green is a friend of Miss A, and Little Sister enjoyed playing with her, too, today!

 My sweet little ones.

Baby Girl is getting so big, and she had so much fun playing today!

Two sweeties!!

My Britches Girl is getting so tall and turning into such a lady. I love it!! And I love that, even though she is growing up, she still enjoys fun, "kid" things!!

These 2 sisters love each other! Baby Girl usually chooses her big sister over me! But I love that they are close, and I hope they stay that way!

As soon as we walked into the Pumpkin Patch, Baby Girl yelled out, "Punkin'!", let go of my hand, and starting running to check out all the punkins!  She picked up pretty much every little punkin she found!

My Little Man is getting tall, too, and very handsome. He is such a sweet guy, and I just love watching him grow up. 

My sweet beauty! I just love her energy and happy spirit! She is always smiling, and makes everyone around her smile!

 Two little trouble makers....

We have made it to the pumpkin patch every year since Britches was 2 and Little Man was 1. I have many, MANY pictures of them in amongst the pumpkins, each year getting a little bigger. It was a really fun day, and I'm glad we were able to go with some good friends from church to share the excitement!


  1. These are such great pictures!! What fabulous memories your kids will have. They are such great kids!

  2. Miss A reminds me of Remy when he poses with anything. LOL...that was a fun day!

  3. Your Pumpkin Patch Photos was great. All your kids are good looking, but Baby Elizabeth has my heart with that beautiful smile and personaliity. I have read almost all yoour blogs, so sign me up as one of your followers. I admire you as home-school teacher. I don't know who has the most or the kids. May God bless you in all you do.


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