Friday, June 25, 2010

Prayers from a Child

All this week, my kids have been involved in a Vacation Bible School at our previous church. During that time, they have learned more about God, His love, His faithfulness, and LOTS more! It has been the busiest of weeks, but WELL worth it! During this time, my sweet honey has been out of town on business. So yesterday, when he got home, we were THRILLED! He didn't get home until late last night, but, hey, he made it! Since we had to leave early this morning to head to our final day of VBS, we didn't even get to see him this morning. Soooo...

As we pulled out of the parking lot, I called Brient to see where he was and see if he'd like to meet us at our local mall for lunch. Within a few minutes, we were all enjoying some very delicious Chick-fil-A together. It was a very nice time with our daddy person!

Afterward, to my complete surprise and amazement, my Little Man asked if we could go do some looking around. Britches and I both looked at him and said, "You mean SHOPPING!? You want to go SHOPPING!?" My Little Man NEVER wants to go shopping - EVER. Well, I finally got it out of him that he wanted to go to GameStop to look at some video games. Brient said he was up for taking him, so I figured, while they were looking in the "boy" store, we girls would head across the aisle to Bath and Body Works to smell some yummy things there!

While we were in Bath and Body Works, I noticed the sign for 75% off of everything on this particular table. When I looked, it was several different scents of hand soap. If you have ever shopped at this store, you probably know that their hand soap is CRAZY OUTRAGEOUS! It's $4.50 for a bottle. I can buy a HUGE bottle of hand soap at the grocery store for that price. But when I calculated 75% off of that price, it came to $1.12!! Oh my gosh! I love their scents, and that was a GREAT price for it, so I bought 6 bottles. Britches was really excited.

After we left that store, we headed down to Sears to look at their clearance treadmills. Yep, I found a new one on clearance!! It's a HUGE upgrade from what I already had! As Brient was paying, I took the kids to look around, mainly to get them out of the way and occupy them for awhile. They sat on all the different patio furniture and looked in all the small storage units. They looked through all the toys, too. Pretty soon, Brient walked up and told us we could head home, because, since he was in his own truck, he was about to go let them load up the new treadmill, and then he'd meet us at home. YEAH!! We headed out. But we did go the long way to get back to the vehicle, and when we got there, I saw that Brient's truck was already gone. He had left before we ever made it outside.

About half way home, too far to turn around and go back, it occurred to me that I didn't remember putting my bag of soaps in the van when we loaded up to come home. Ugh! I thought back, and I realized that I had left the bag in one of the patio furniture chairs that we had been looking at in Sears. I was quite irritated, to say the least! Britches kept asking me questions about it, like how we were going to get it back and wouldn't someone call us. I finally told her to just stop talking about it, because I was just going to get aggravated thinking about it. It was gone, I left it, somebody probably already picked it up, so DROP IT! So she sat there quiet for a long time.

When we were nearly home, I asked her, "Are you OK?" She said she was. She was just "thinking". "About what?" I asked her. "You told me not to talk about it." I knew she was still worrying over $7 worth of soap, so I promised her that, when we got home, I'd call the store and see if anyone had turned it in. That was all we could do, and it probably wouldn't be there, but I would call.

I was on the last road before our house when Brient called me. I knew he left before us, so I figured he was home wondering how much longer until I got there to help him with that new treadmill. After I told him I was almost home, he said, "It's fine. I'm still at the mall. They forgot to give me something, and I had to go back in and talk to them and wait for them to get it. So I'm just now leaving." "STOP! Go back in!! Go get my bag of soap!!" I told him what happened, and, all the while, Britches was sitting in her seat all but jumping up and down with excitement. It was soap, for cryin' out loud. Why was she so excited? Brient went back in, and, would you believe, my bag was still there! No one had taken it. It was right where I left it! He got it, and started for home.

After I hung up with him, I told her what had happened, and about what caused him to still be at the mall. She said, "Mama, I PRAYED that God would help us get it back! I PRAYED that daddy would forget something and have to go back, so he could get our bag! Mama, God answered my prayer!! And QUICKLY!" WOW!

It is always amazing to me when I can actually SEE God work. But for Him to SHOW Himself to my Britches like that was more amazing that I could have imagined. After this long week of learning about how God takes care of us and how we can ask Him to help us, she was able to SEE Him do something that she asked of Him. Totally COOL!!

Thank you, God, for the mighty ways, and the small ways, that you show Yourself to us!


  1. That is so cool! God is so good! I'm so glad He showed himself to Britches! Yay on the new treadmill! And the good deal on soap! It sounds like y'all had a great day!

  2. I love it! The moment I realized that God loved MY children MORE than I did and that he was very involved with a very real relationship with them, I was floored, and awed. Praise God for answered prayers for our children!

    And....a new treadmill???? I can't wait to hear all about it.


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