Friday, April 16, 2010

Lenny the Lion Video Contest

A few weeks ago, Medtronic, the company that manufactures Little Man's insulin pump, sent out an e-mail announcing a contest that they were holding to introduce their new spokesperson - or should I say "spokes-lion". The company wanted a kid-friendly character to help teach kids about diabetes and insulin pump therapy, and they were doing this in the form of "Lenny the Lion." So the contest was a way to introduce Lenny to kids who have diabetes and use or were thinking of using an insulin pump. The rules said to make a video of yourself and Lenny the Lion, and send it in to Medtronic. They would then take all the videos received and make a short list. That list of videos would then be posted to youtube for everyone to see and vote for, which would then decide the winner.

And I am so stinkin' excited to tell you that WE MADE THE SHORT LIST!! Our video is now on youtube, along with 17 other videos that made the list. Now, we need your help!! We need votes! Please visit the youtube link and watch our video. Click on the "I Like" thumbs up button below the video. (It will turn green.) Once you do that, you have voted!

By voting for our video, or any of the other great videos for that matter, you are doing a couple of things. First, you are encouraging some great kids who worked REALLY hard to make video that will, in turn, be used to help other kids with diabetes better understand this disease and be able to make a more informed decision about using an insulin pump. And second, you will be helping someone to win a great trip to Disneyland in California!! So please vote!!

And if you'd like to help further, please consider posting the link to your blog, facebook page, twitter, e-mail, or anywhere else, and encourage others to vote, too. Voting will last until April 30, and the winner will be announced on May 5. So there are still a few weeks left to vote. You can vote daily, so don't forget to come back and vote again.

Thank you so much for your help! Britches and Little Man worked very hard on this, and, whether we win or not, I am so absolutely proud of them!!


  1. I love the video. The kids did such a great job! You edited it so well :) I was very impressed. I don't quite get the voting thing, I keep voting but the vote count doesn't ever seem to change. What I cannot understand is how or why anyone would ever vote dislike on a children's diabetes video? That makes me so mad!!!

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